Yoga supports your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing as well as personal growth. It offers a holistic set of practices including movement, breathing and attention practices. Some of the many benefits of yoga include increased strength, flexibility, resilience, energy and a decrease in stress symptoms including sleep disturbances or anxiety. Through yoga you can learn to regulate your nervous system to increase energy or rest, relax and restore.

We offer a range of approaches to yoga from dynamic vinyasa flow to restorative yoga in group and 1-on-1 settings. We also offer yoga based wellness coaching to support you in being as happy and healthy as possible. Contact us to book your free consultation or find out more.

Our approach

Yoga for all

Many things may keep you from stepping into a yoga class. Not feeling fit or flexible enough, having had an experience of yoga that isn’t positive or just not wanting to feel out of place. At Collaborative Motion, we aim to offer yoga for all bodies, backgrounds and walks of life in a safe space with safe teachers. Our passion is to offer yoga in a way that is accessible to everyone.

Whatever brings you to yoga, Collaborative Motion will help you develop a practice which supports your goals.

Sustainable practice

One of the tenets of yoga philosophy is the practice of non-violence. As a result, we look to support you not in getting in the most advanced pretzel shapes but in developing a practice that is healthy for your body and therefore sustainable. While there’s nothing wrong with working to master advanced yoga poses, many poses are not accessible to the majority of bodies and so they are not our core focus. This isn’t to say you won’t be challenged. In fact, growth and knowledge are developed by approaching your physical and mental edges.


Another tenet of yoga philosophy is self-study. We invite you to become compassionately curious about yourself both on and off the mat. In this way every success, challenge and limitation is a chance to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and practice new ways of being and doing.

Present moment

Developing a sustainable practice of self-study can only be done with a mindful present moment awareness. As a result, we look to support the development of present moment awareness in all of our work.

Group Classes

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow is an active yoga class in which movement and breath are linked. In Vinyasa Flow we don’t work with a fixed sequence and we pay as much attention to the transitions as the postures themselves.

Slow Flow

During a slow flow class we stay longer in some poses and move more slowly between them. The slower pace of the class gives you more space to turn inward, listen to your body, and practice mindfulness.

Mindful yoga

Slow and gentle. While all of our classes are intended to support mindful practice, mindful yoga is a very gentle practice which really allows you time to focus on being present in the moment without worrying about anything else. No complicated poses or transitions involved.


Yoga nidra - or yogic sleep - is a form of guided meditation that guides you to the space between waking and sleeping. All that is asked of you is to be comfortable and listen to the sound of the voice. It has been shown to have positive impacts on stress, anxiety, mood, and physical functioning. When combined with the use of a positive intention it can support changing unconcious behaviour patterns which have developed in your life.

Yoga inquiry

Yoga inquiry is a small group yoga lesson which allows you to deepen your self-discovery and yoga practice with a yoga practice followed by guided reflection and dialogue.

1-on-1 yoga

Yoga customized for your body, needs, goals.

Private yoga

Do you want personal guidance in finding your yoga? Yoga isn't a one-size fits all practice. In a private yoga session, you are supported in discovering a practice of yoga which is safe and beneficial for you where you are today.

Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy makes use of a range of yoga based tools to support physical, mental and emotional health. The practices offered are customized for you and your situation and may include: movement exercises, postures, breathwork, relaxation techniques and more.

People seek yoga therapists out for many reasons: to support an existing course of medical treatment, to support personal development, to learn to practice physical yoga in a way that works for your body.

In your first sessions, we will take time to discuss your reasons for seeking a yoga therapist, assess health concerns, lifestyle and physical capabilities, and design a course of treatment which supports your needs and health.

We work with IAYT accredited yoga therapists and yoga therapists in training.

Life & wellness coaching

A perfectly balanced body and life doesn't actually exist. Rather, it's a continual dance of intentionality. Many factors contribute to life satisfaction and overall physical and emotional health. Wellness coaching supports you in creating the conditions for wellbeing in your life. We will work with you to determine what well-being means for you and support you in moving towards it. Whether you sense that something isn’t quite right or already have a clear goal, in wellness coaching we work with the whole person to support greater overall wellbeing.

In coaching, we look to engage the whole person. Along with dialogue we draw from a broad toolbox including: imagery, movement, breathwork, body based centering practices, and systemic constellations. Practices are pragmatic and are introduced for a specific purpose connected to empowering you to reach your goals.


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