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Passion led us here

Collaborative Motion exists to unleash potential and increase well-being. We work with individuals, teams and organizations.

In 2017, Chris Webb started Collaborative Motion in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as a side project and extention of his personal life mission to unleash potential and increase well-being wherever he is. Chris has an unending passion for learning, finding beauty in difficult situations and the development of others. He started training, facilitating and coaching 20 years ago and has been leading, managing, coaching and developing healthy teams that get results for over 11 of them. Further, he is an accredited European Mentoring and Coaching Council Practitioner and mindfulness trainer.

He has a breadth of experience working in different sectors including digital design agencies, the service industry, retail, e-commerce, content security and non-profit. He has worked in large multi-national organizations as well as startups, and often in highly international settings. His leadership experience across these varying domains gives him a unique understanding of the challenges and needs of a variety of clients.

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